The summer is here and things are going great at the shop.  Mikey Webb and Jett Bryant have turned out to be great additions to our family.  There have been a couple of schedule changes in the shop and they are as follows;

Gary Yoxen, Monday through Friday, noon till eight.

Malia Reynolds, Tuesday through Saturday, noon till eight.

Jason Kelly, Friday through Tuesday, noon till eight.

Jett Bryant, Thursday through Tuesday, noon till eight.

Mikey Webb, Friday through Tuesday, noon till eight,

Phil Colvin, Friday through Monday at Memorial Tattoo noon till eight, and at Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery in Douglasville GA on Tuesdays, noon till eight.

So there you have it.  If you would like to set up an appointment, it is always best to come by the shop in person to meet the artists and discuss the tattoo and available appointment times.  You can always call first to make sure who is in that day, 404-622-9222.  Walk ins are always accepted as well!  Thank you Atlanta for your continued support!

As always, “For Family and Friends!”